Customization – Call Your Actuary


At First Capital Benefit Advisors, we recognize each client has different retirement needs. Sometimes these differences are major. How are your needs different?

1) There are two owners who have different retirement desires, or perhaps are different ages. Owner A wants to buy a home or remodel, and Owner B wants to put away everything into a retirement plan. We customize your DB and 401k Plans to accomplish these goals.

2) You have employees, but want to maximize the owner’s share, and also provide something special for longer service employees. Again, we customize your DB and 401k to accomplish these goals.

3) Your spouse works for the business, but has not been paid (many owners do this to save on FICA taxes). We will suggest a salary to your spouse, and show you huge advantages to this strategy by customizing your DB and 401k to accomplish these goals.

4) As you get older, your needs may change, and we customize your plans to meet these changing goals. For example, as you amass large amounts in the DB plan, we will recommend strategies to move over all or some of the monies into the 401k Plan, to minimize future investment risks of large surpluses or large deficits – just another example of our customization.

5) In retirement, you can maintain the plan(s) with us. You can continue investing as you see fit, since you are the trustee. You can schedule distribution of part or all of the pension plan assets to kids or grandkids, and we will be there to help arrange for these distributions – just call your actuary.

6) Some retirement plan providers use a one-size-fits-all approach with little if any customization. We are the exact opposite – our actuaries customize your plan to suit your needs, and maintain a close watch over time to keep the plan on the path you choose.