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Retirement plans for small business, serving clients since 1980

Which type of plan is right for you? We provide ongoing administrative and actuarial services for several types of qualified retirement plans.


How much of your earnings can you defer? Defined benefit plans provide significant tax deferral opportunities over defined contribution plans alone.


What might your retirement account look like? We work with you to provide a customized set-up for your unique business and retirement needs.



Our goal is to customize DB and 401(k) plans for clients of our financial advisor and accountant colleagues, as well as to take good care of the clients who reach out to us directly.

We have many, many satisfied clients, satisfied financial advisors, and satisfied accountants. We help you fly on this program called life to change your high-income status to include high-net-worth status. With our careful and cautious guidance, you will reach financial heights you have never known before. Many of our clients contribute heavily when their income is high, and reduce or eliminate contributions when things get tight. In tough times, we can even help you access your retirement assets for either a loan or a distribution. Wherever life leads you, we will follow to care for your retirement plan.

You control all of your own investments, and we do most of the administration. You can even purchase income-producing real estate in your retirement plan.


  • Our DB Plans have average deductions of over $100,000 per year, and are flexible annually
  • We help turn high income into high net worth
  • Create long term wealth
  • We serve self-employed professionals and small businesses
  • Maximize owner’s share with 1-10 employees
  • Achieve goals of $3 million to $7 million at age 62
Peter D Austin, FSA, CFA, EA is the actuary.

Our address is P.O. Box 3009, Westlake Village, CA  91359.
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First Capital Benefit Advisors, Inc

Email: fcbainc (at)
Tel: 805-370-1093

High-income earners can easily set up our customized Qualified Defined Benefit and 401(k) Retirement Plans to:

  • Achieve annual tax deductions up to $140,000 or
    more, saving current taxes of $55,000 or more
  • Build up massive wealth to high-net-worth status
  • Pay income tax on what you take out later (no FICA),
    and choose when and how much taxes you pay
  • Contribute on a flexible basis annually
  • Consider income-producing real estate

We serve high-income business owners, such as self-employed individuals, owners of small businesses, professionals – anesthesiologists, CPAs, CFPs, consultants, dentists, doctors, engineers, entertainment industry, entrepreneurs, lawyers, real estate industry, and many, many others.

Set up a customized Defined Benefit Plan with our Owner-Only Plans TM technology, open an investment program with the financial planner, and make huge deductible contributions each year, many well over $100,000, and some over $200,000 per year – see Contribution Calculator; we plan for flexible year-by-year contributions.

Maximize the contributions by setting up a DB plan and a companion 401(k) plan, to get an additional deduction up to $40,000 per year or more. Advisors and accountants get terrific support from First Capital Benefit Advisors in marketing these plans to clients and prospective clients.

The financial planner and accountant do the investing and accounting, First Capital Benefit Advisors does the administration, with minimal input from client each year. Go to our contact us page to get your own personalized Proposal – you can speak directly to one of our Enrolled Actuaries to customize your plan and the required plan documents.

Welcome to First Capital Benefit Advisors, Inc.

Retirement plans for small business, serving clients since 1980

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Peter D. Austin, Fellow Society of Actuaries (FSA), member Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), and Enrolled Actuary (EA), graduated with a degree in Math Physics and Chemistry from the University of Toronto. Peter worked for Peat Marwick Management Consultants (KPMG) for some years before starting Peter D Austin & Associates, Inc. in 1980 as a Consulting Actuary.
Have a question? Speak directly to one of our actuaries.

Contact us via e-mail, via our website contact form, or just give us a call at 805-370-1093 – P.O. Box 3009, Westlake Village, CA 91359. We will get back to you as soon as possible.